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My name is Carlos, I have over 7 years of Computer and internet marketing experience.

I am the owner of Horizon Wave Media an online SEO consulting company.

Google has made many changes over the past few years with various algorithm updates. I always stay up to date on what’s working today with SEO so I can provide the best experience for my clients.

SEO today is all about creating authority sites with quality content, I can help get your site ranking and performing the way Google wants.

By increasing your rankings on Google you can expect to see more traffic which will help you acquire more leads and more sales. Investing in your SEO marketing today will help you achieve those goals.

Ready to take your search engine marketing to the next level? Let me help with website analysis, link building, keyword research, SEO recovery and more.

I am also happy to provide a free video audit of your website to determine what steps you need to make to improve your organic rankings.

We know that running your business and marketing your business are two very different full-time jobs. We understand the struggle business owners go through delivering their services to their customers while trying to scale and grow the business as well.

Digital marketing is not the type of business where you can rest. If you’re at all familiar with Google’s updates, you’d know that the only way to succeed is to stay on top of trends, rumors, and implementation. We’ve been in this business and understand this market place, and we’ve seen a lot of changes throughout the years with Google and we are here to help you.

Horizon Wave Media is here to help your business grow. We work directly with entrepreneurs and established businesses, let us help you.

Thank you,

Carlos M. Fajardo